Chapter 09

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Nancy remembered the terrible panic she felt when Fred’s teeth punctured the skin above her right ankle. At first, she had felt no pain. Much like when you touch a hot stove, your body automatically jerks your hand away to prevent further damage. Nancy tried to pull her leg free from his grasp but Fred had a firm hold on her. He worked his jaw up and down tearing flesh with each bite.

It didn’t take long for the pain to become very real. She could feel Fred’s teeth scraping against her shinbone like a hungry dog chewing on a treat. He had pulled her from the window and they were both lying on the floor, Nancy, face down on her stomach. Fred resembled a child at a picnic eating a piece of corn on the cob. He too was face down with his elbows braced against the floor, hands securely holding her. When Nancy felt her Achilles tendon snap and roll up into a ball inside what was left of her calf muscle her vision went pink and then black. She willingly let her body go into shock and passed out.

Fred had not been dead long and the energy he absorbed from Nancy crashed upon his body like a strong ocean wave. It was as if he had been awakened from a deep sleep. He was still almost completely blind from Nancy’s coffee and yet, he could see colors, energy. Fred did not need his eyes to see this energy as much as he could feel it. It radiated like thermal heat patterns he had seen on the nightly weather forecasts. Fred looked down, he was holding something, as he stared it went from a bright red color to, orange, yellow, green, and then a deep blue. His black fingers contrasted against the color of the thing he held as if he seized a fluorescent light bulb. His whole body radiated this black, ghostly energy.

Even though Fred could already start to feel his new energy fading, he had fed on enough to make himself feel better, much better. It was like the best rush he had ever experienced. He got to his feet. He had to find more. He scanned the room. The computer had a green tinge, outside Nancy’s office the coffee pot was a burning red, and rest of the room was cool blackish violet color.

Fred was drawn to the hot red of the coffee pot and he eagerly started moving towards it. He was close to his destination when he was forced to a sudden stop. Fred looked down to see what was blocking his path. In his hands, he still clutched Nancy’s leg. It had gone from blue to the same blackish violet color that radiated throughout the room. Unknowingly he had been dragging her body. She had flipped over onto her back and upper body had become wedged between her office door and its frame. He watched as the remaining color from her body vanished, she was now as black as he was.

Fred forced his hands to release their grip and continued towards the red energy. The coffee blistered his throat but he felt no pain nor did he receive the same rush as he had experienced from Nancy. Confused he dropped the coffee pot to the ground.

Fred thought about waiting for Peggy to arrive, he desired her as much as ever but in a much different way. Somewhere in his malfunctioning mind, he knew that the woman was supposed to be here. Peggy would have the same energy as Nancy. In the end, Fred couldn’t wait that long, he needed to feed. There was nothing left in the Marketing Department that attracted Fred’s attention so he decided to see what the rest of the building had to offer. He stepped into the hallway looking for that delicious red energy.