Chapter 47

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Pain, that was all there was, pain. Sarah grasped her leg and tried to stem the bleeding, one of the kids handed her a towel and she pressed it against the wound, trying to stem the flow of blood. She should never have moved over by the attic door to try and listen to what they were saying, who knew that they could jump so high and tear through a ceiling like it was paper?

Tears were streaming down her face when she heard the woman below begging for help. Leaning over and clearing insulation out of the way she saw a young woman down below with a pleading look on her face.

“Please! Please help me! let me into the attic, I haven't been bit, I'm not a zombie.”

A chill went down Sarah's spine. 'Bit? Bit? Was she bit? Oh God!', she had thought one of them had stabbed her, lifting the towel she examined the wound closely while the woman continued pleading below. One edge of her wound clearly showed a jagged incision made by human teeth.

“What do you mean you're not bitten?” Sarah yelled through the hole, “What difference does biting make?”

“It is...I'm not one of them, let me up, please!” Amelia begged, looking behind her she saw Jimbo and Veronica bodily in front of Nancy preventing her from coming up the stairs. Veronica had Amelia's poker and was waving it in Nancy's face as they argued. “Please, she is going to get up here and there is nowhere else I can go!”

“What do you mean about the biting?!” Sarah demanded once again.

“It is, well, they bite you, that is how it happens, how you turn into one of them.”

“Oh God. Oh no-no-no!”

“You were bitten?” Amelia called up.

“No-no-no!” as she sobbed she pushed the two by four that had been blocking the attic access and the ladder swung down to Amelia.

Amelia wasted no time scrambling up the ladder and pulling the door back closed behind her.

“When were you bit?” Amelia said.

Sobbing Sarah didn't answer. “When. Were. You. Bit?” Amelia asked again.

“Just now, just right now, they, one of them pulled my leg through the ceiling and bit into it.”

“Okay, I was with this woman who got bitten, she, she lasted awhile, we might be able to get you some help if we can get past them.” Amelia stopped, knowing, without outside help, they were not going to get by the zombies in the house.

Turning to the kids, she said, “Hi. What are your names? I am Amelia.”

The kids, with pale tear stained faces looked well beyond scared, they mumbled their names, quietly. “It'll be alright, it will be okay, don't worry alright?” The lie sounded hollow even to Amelia as she spoke it. “Let’s get your mom over there, on that piece of wood and away from this hole, okay?”

The kids helped her move Sarah to the plywood where they had been sleeping.