Chapter 36

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“Three minutes.” Draper’s voice said into the relative quiet of the train cab.

Max looked outside at the buildings passing by. He and Stewart had taken turns cat napping the morning away, he still didn't feel up to running around Chicago. It was too late for that though, they were already well within city limits and rapidly approaching the train station.

“Anything Max?” Draper asked holding onto a radio and looking at Max intently.

“Yeah, ahead of us there are a bunch at the edge of where I can see. A whole crowd of them.” The train was moving slowly along the city track, no more than twenty-five miles an hour, fast enough to outrun the few zombies they saw around.

“Are you sure, straight ahead of us? The place is a ghost town, there are a lot fewer zombies here than I thought.”

“There is a crowd ahead of us, I can see more of them now, maybe a mile or so ahead.”

“Can you see anything else around? Any landmarks?”

“It doesn't work like that. They are up ahead on the right hand side. Are we near the lake?”


“I thought so, because I can see a place where there is nothing, which has to be the shoreline. I see a bunch of the smart zombies, a mass of them, but I can't tell you where they are.”

“Ahead and to the left or to the right?”

“Ahead and to the right.”

Draper spoke into his radio for a moment. “The sniper team wants to know if you can see any land jutting out into the water. There is a naval pier not too far ahead. Are there any zombies on the pier?”

“I... Yes! Yes there are, but most of them, the horde is more towards us, not at the pier.”

Draper spoke into his radio, then looked up at Max, “Yeah, good job. That gives them a location to move towards.” Draper switched channels on his radio and spoke loudly into it, “Prepare to disembark.”