Chapter 40

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“Did you see that?” asked Harry.

“I saw it.” Aubrey replied.

“What does it mean?”

“I don't know. Maybe one of our own is working with them.”

“No, we could sense that.” Harry said. They were both tracking the living humans and the mob of zombies in the city. This was difficult at times because the buildings did get in the way, so they only caught glimpses of the living. Their fellow dead were not so hard to track. What piqued their interest was that when they sent their zombies around to the north side of union station, the humans had very clearly backed away from them, before they were in sight.

“How many do you count? I have ten.”

“I think you are right, ten guys, moving pretty slow too. The slow zombies won't catch them, but they aren't going that quick. Harry, let's bring them in alive. I want to figure out what they have, maybe some sort of long range motion detector or something.”

“Okay, we should find out, I agree. We'll get as many as we can. Want to try setting up an ambush for them?”

“Sure. How?”

“Let's get zombies in position all around in front of them, then have them stop moving. If it is a motion sensor, the living won't be able to see them.”

“Pretty good. Let's keep the pressure on them from behind and to the north. If they are distracted, they might not notice what we are doing in front of them. I am going to move more troops around behind our frozen ones too, just in case. You concentrate on moving some of the faster ones around to the south so we can cut them off. Whose idea was it to keep all of our troops by the shoreline?” Aubrey asked, displeased.

“No one's really, it is just where they ended up. We should have moved them to both sides of the track when we saw the train coming.”

“Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Fuck it. Let's make the best of this. I do want to talk to one of them, I don't care if they kill ninety percent of the zeds out there.”

Harry smiled, “Okay I will tell them, to go for the throat if those ten guys somehow manage to kill ninety thousand of us.”

Both of them concentrated on moving their troops around, the humans stopped a couple of times, but always moved again when the zombies came too close, then they paused and didn't move forward again.

“They stopped.”

“Yeah, looks like they can sense our frozen zombies too. Let’s hold them here as long as possible, work more troops around them so we can capture them for sure.”


Ella came into the building and strode up to Harry quickly, casting a sidelong glance at Aubrey. “One of your zombies tried to kill me.”

“Sorry, we are a bit busy trying to deal with the people who rode in on the train.”

“Oh. Well don't be so concerned, I took it out. It was not nearly so satisfying as the soldier, but it was still good.” Ella said, almost purring.

'Good God' thought Aubrey, 'she wants sex again!' She was interested to see how Harry would handle this.

“I am glad you were not hurt, but I am very busy. These guys are proving, interesting.”

Ella crossed her arms and took a step back from Harry, “Well fine. How much longer do you think it will be?”

“I don't know, twenty minutes? We are going to capture them and that means we have to keep a close watch on our subordinates.”

“Twenty minutes?” Ella's voice came out as a half wail, half enthusiastic. “Can I have one of them?”

“Sure.” Harry said, then caught Aubrey's sharp glance, “After we are done interrogating them, but sure.”