Wrapping it all up

Submitted by Zombieman on Sun, 03/26/2017 - 17:17

This weekend has been wonderful. I have made the journey to my personal mecca (Lake Geneva, WI), spent a great deal of money, had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the company of old friends and new. This morning I was up to play a game of Artemis, a space ship simulator, and picked up a coffee and a bite to eat, which I brought up to the floor the game was on. It’s the weird little things that happen that make life worth living, isn’t it? As I was sitting at a free table to chow down, a gentleman came over and asked if he could use the other end of the table to sign some stuff for a fan. This was Bruce Heard, of TSR fame. Honestly, I knew his name, but wasn’t overly familiar with his role in the early days of gaming, but he was nice and I am always a sucker for getting people’s life stories. (You never know what might find its way into my writing, so I keep an ear out for each person’s unique trail through this life.) So we sat and talked, mostly I asked questions about him and his life and we found common ground very quickly, he was born in Nice, France and my youngest was just in Nice this past weekend. Awesome start. In the early days of D&D he was the one hired to translate the game into French and also coordinated the efforts to get it into German and Spanish as well (I think…I know it was more than one other language.) Anyway, we spoke very little about the game and quite a lot about our lives, which is the way it should be. I still have no idea what he does for a pay check and I didn’t mention how I make a living either. I try to never ask ‘what people do’, I like to assume it’s something awesome, but that they do it forty or more hours a week and would probably rather speak of something else.

So, I was late for Artemis, but the guys running it were very polite and worked me right in. I managed engineering for the ship, it was good, but I felt like I was only a cog in the greater machine of the ship. Really though, isn’t that what I would be if I were the head of engineering? I sent out repair crews as the ship was damaged, boosted the energy to the systems being heavily used and tried to anticipate the needs of the captain before they came up.

The other games of the con were good too, lots of role playing, lots of rich food. I met the people I hoped to meet, old friends from Castles and Crusades and Erik Tenkar of OSR blogging fame. I missed Venger Stanis, sort of have mixed feelings on that as he seems kind of intimidating to me. I also came away with months of reading material, like I always do. Tonight, I’ll run my own game for my tightest group of friends and tomorrow I’ll be on my way back into the ‘real world’, which I spend 40 hours a week at and don’t really want to talk about. Heh, heh. I am so much more than my day job, my books and my games, after all.

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