“Fuck you.” The roar of a gunshot. Reset.

“Please, don’t kill me!”

“You shouldn’t have gotten involved.” Gunshot. Reset.

“I know your father.” Gunshot. Reset.

“I know your mother.” Gunshot. Reset.

“Your sister sent me.” Pause. Gunshot. Reset.


It was a quandary. Everything Reset thought of resulted in the gun going off. A puzzle like this was one he could sink his teeth into. He hadn’t limited himself to words either, he had tried rushing the gunman, with limited success, he had tried running, with less success. The best outcomes were to avoid the situation altogether. But the man he was looking at, the possible futures beyond him, they were enticing. So, he kept at it, putting a meeting into place, playing through hundreds of alternatives and looking for one that approached a near sure outcome.


Sighing heavily, Reset fell back on his bed, which wasn’t really his and tried not to think of the future for a few minutes. The place he was staying was safe for another week and he intended to use every minute of it to plan his next steps. Playing forward in time, thankfully, slightly faster than a normal person’s speed of thought. He had never officially tested, but had played several alternatives forward in his mind as if he had gotten training and testing.


With a laugh, he shook his head at all the people he knew who had no idea who he was. Some of the best too, Andro, the infamous beast Sphinx ruler of Egypt who resided in Las Vegas, Bishop Evan Mallory of the Catholic church’s covert shiner program. A few mystics living in the woods, more hermits and 'Shiners in Hiding' than he cared to admit. Most of the meetings only went so far, before his new future friends turned on him or inadvertently brought him harm. Reset had no friends. No acquaintances. No family. Not anymore. Technically he had kids, many kids.


Having company isn’t that difficult when you always know what the woman wants you to say. And he had a compelling need to proliferate. ‘Need’ might not be a strong enough word; ‘urge’ was perhaps better. Though, in honest moments like this one, where he was alone in the quiet night not future thinking, he could admit it was more of an addiction or compulsion. It had grown worse, this need to have offspring, after he had future trained with Andro. His abilities had expanded greatly, but so too had his hunger for procreating.


“What did you do to me, Andro?” He asked aloud. Nothing, of course, he had never really met the famous Beast, but his memories of what would happen had he gone to do so remained strong and there was no doubt that Reset was able to future live much more effectively now than before that perverted Beast had gotten to of him. Reset didn’t forget. He knew everything he wanted to know, seemingly before being asked, because he could just future research it and bring that knowledge back to the present. It helped that he only needed a couple of hours of sleep at most each night; that gave him much more time for tackling the future problems he ran into.


In the dark of night, like tonight, where he was locked into a cabin in the middle of the Montana woods, like he was, he had ample time for future viewing. Reset rose from the cabin’s bed, padded to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey which was still sitting on the counter. He looked over at the young women laying, mostly undressed on the floor and couch in front of the wood stove. They were young, not starlets; Reset felt a need to have women with ample hips and breasts. They would do. The two of them, good friends, had been convinced via social media to meet up with him in Billings and ‘go for a ride.’ Jan, the younger of the two by only a few months had responded well to Reset’s suggestions of a threesome; but he knew she would from the future talks he had had with her before the three of them ever ended up in the cabin. The slightly older woman, Tracy? Tabitha? Something with a ‘T’, needed four whiskey sours in her before she had accented. Five drinks would have turned her into a drama queen, spilling her depressing life story of being molested by her aunt, six would have put her in a stupor and seven would have seen her throwing up all over the cabin and passing out. Four had been just right, with the proper words, to convince her to give in to Jan’s requests, with liberal help from Reset, of course. Now they were both pregnant, though they wouldn’t know it for a few weeks. Sex that didn’t result in pregnancies was just…a waste of Reset’s time.


Satiation of this sort usually brought Reset some calm clarity and, truth be told, more than a little depression. He called this ‘past thinking’, though others tended to just call it nostalgia or regret. Speedy always came to mind at these times.


“God damn it.” Reset had told himself he wasn’t going to think about the only friend he had ever had, yet, tonight. Taking the cap off of the bottle he drank down a large gulp of whiskey, which burned all the way down and brought tears to his eyes. He would leave tonight. Leave the girls here at this hunting cabin, they had cell phones; they could find their own way home.


“Speedy.” With a shake of his head, Reset took the bottle and retreated to the master bedroom.