Reset II

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“We’re not good guys, we’re not bad guys. G-guys.” Speedy said.

“So, what are we?”  Reset asked him.

“Well we’re gonna be good guys. We just need s-some…capital.”

“Oh, so once we’ve stolen enough money we’ll go straight?”

“H-hey! If you have a better idea, let me hear it!”

“Gambling?” Reset asked.

“If you won too much you’d be ratted out by the law. Plus, you wanted to keep a low profile, right? N-not be on the registry?”

“Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. But this…this is just, I mean, risky.”

“Y-you said we’d get through it. Said you saw we could do it.”

“I do. Sort of. There are a lot of variables, like if you go off script or something, you could be hurt or even killed!”

“W-what is the c-chance of that? I buzz in, plug the code, let you in, we d-do the s-safe and get out of there.”

“Right, I got it, you have the code?”

Speedy had the code, but Reset wrote it down and tucked it in the front pocket of his shirt anyway, as well as the safe combination. The bank they were robbing wasn’t that sophisticated; it just used a keypad to kill the alarm and had a manual safe. Through three days of surveillance they had garnered that the safe had a combination five numbers long. Speedy had buzzed in and gotten three of them with his own super shine; he was fast so fast he was effectively invisible. He was not invulnerable though and his left arm was in a makeshift sling from where he had clipped a doorway when had darted in and out of the bank. With three of the five numbers, from one to sixty, known, Reset had future looked all the possible combinations of the other two numbers, playing out each dial of the knob until he got the last two.

Now, at the close of the day, Speedy was going to rush in, as the doors were closed and hide in the bathroom for fifteen minutes before coming out to disable the cameras and then punch the code to deactivate the alarm and let Reset in. Reset had insisted on going in himself, not letting Speedy do all the dirty work alone. As soon as the alarm was shut off the security company would call the bank manager, then the assistant manager and on down the line until they got confirmation that the alarm was supposed to be off. By the time anyone came back he and Speedy would be long gone with whatever they could get out of the vault. Reset had already seen that they could get away. There were still variables, but for the most part everything would go as planned.

At five twenty-eight the bank manager was letting himself and the other employees out, holding the door for the workers. Speedy left as scheduled and fifteen minutes later Reset was standing in the bank lobby next to his friend and partner in crime.

“V-vault?” Speedy stammered.

“Yep.” Reset strode with purpose to the bank manager’s office, he jimmied the top drawer with a small screw driver and dug around in the back for the key he already knew was there. This key let them into the barred cell in front of the vault. Reset pocketed the key, in some futures he had returned it to the manager’s desk, only to have the door swing shut and lock him and Speedy inside the cage, this was not a mistake he would make now that he knew the dangers. At the vault he gestured to Speedy, “Go for it!”

Speedy disappeared and the vault door swung up as if by magic a moment later. “Hold it.” Reset said, stepping around his friend. To the right inside of the vault was a metal bar that the employees used to prop the heavy door open. Reset set it and double checked it to keep the door from closing on them too. Once the door was secured he went directly to the numbered safe deposit boxes he had written down and pried them open. In on future look he had let himself and Speedy become locked in the vault and they had forced every box open to see what was inside; that future would never happen, but the contents of the boxes were unlikely to have changed. They had opted to collect the best ten boxes, but each of them were going to open ten, the five they had been assigned and five more at random. It would not do at all for the authorities to figure out that only the best boxes had been robbed. Of course, the bank had a money vault as well, but it was on a timer and Reset and Speedy had not been able to figure out a way to get in and out of that successfully despite their abilities.

The safe deposit boxes were not any harder for them to pop open than school lockers were and they made short work of it, putting the contents onto the narrow metal table that was in the center of the room. For the most part, it was jewelry and cash that they were after. The random items were stacked there also, a few books, some trinkets, one bag of what looked like drugs to Reset’s untrained eye.

They scooped the cash and jewelry into their bags, which were by no means bulging by the time they were done. Speedy poked at the other items, before selecting a couple of the books.

“Why are you taking those?” Reset asked him. “That’s not what we planned.”

“I-if we just take a couple pieces of this boring stuff we c-can m-maybe make it harder to pin down what was taken or by whom.”

“You just want to read it.” Reset accused him.

Speedy nodded, with a look of guilt on his face, “S-so-so?”

“Alright, c’mon. We have a few minutes, but let’s just get out of here.”

Reset took the prop from the vault door and let it swing shut. Then they opened and shut the cage behind them, before returning the key to the manager’s desk. They made it to the door of the bank and Speedy entered the bank code into the pad beside the door, re-arming it. This gave them about thirty seconds to get out of the building before it would go off. Outside on the sidewalk Reset sighed and looked at Speedy.

“Y-you r-ready?”

“I guess.” With some reluctance, he jumped piggy back onto Speedy.

“C-close your eyes. K-keep ‘em shut.”

Reset did as he was told and held on tight as Speedy went into his fast mode. It was all over in an instant and they were back in their home town, two thousand miles away.

“W-what a rush! W-we did it man! We actually did it!” Speedy gave Reset a high five. “W-what are y-you going to do with your money?”

“Invest it. What about you?”

“I-I don’t know. I j-just wanted to do this f-for you. Y-you know?”

Reset nodded. The problem with living in the future was there were rarely any conversations that took him by surprise. He knew Speedy loved him like a brother, he knew he didn’t need the money and he knew Speedy wanted to make Reset’s life better. Foster care was no place for him, a seemingly over bright kid who knew all the answers anyone wanted to hear. With another nod he said, “Speedy, thanks man. I mean it.” He broke down and rubbed his face in his elbow to hide his tears.

“N-naw, don’t b-be like that, y-you know I got your back! I’ll always have your back.”

Reset held out his backpack to Speedy, “Take it and keep it for me, okay? I can’t bring it home, they would find it. I know they would.” He didn’t even have to future view that to know it was true, his foster parents were controlling and abusive, getting money from the state to ‘raise’ Reset.

“Okay. Okay. I w-will hide it so w-well even you won’t be able to find it!”

Reset already knew where he would hide it, but grinned anyway and nodded, “Yeah, keep it safe for when I am older.” He reached in and peeled three bills out of the bag and put them in his pocket. He had a place to hide the money where even his foster parents wouldn’t find it and the money would make the next few weeks of his life easier.

“S-see you tonight?” Speedy asked.

“Yeah, I’ll go home and get free and meet you at the park, like normal.”

“Th-three more years, R-r-reset.”

“Three more years.” They had agreed to call themselves by only their nom-de-guerre when they were alone. It was their first successful job. They were fifteen.