Chapter 21

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They were not all dead.

From Nancy’s point of view the raid went far worse than expected, she had lost a couple of girls, and Jim, no real loss, for the gain of what? A meal? And the need to build her gang back up? And no fucking Fred. This was it, no more “Mrs fucking nice zombie gal”as soon as possible she was going to get her hands on some guns and learn, the hard way if necessary, how to shoot them.

The next time she ran into some police or hillbillies she would be prepared. Hell, where could she get bullet proof vests? She watched through the doorway as the one they called Stewart slowly departed. Obviously the living did not know she could see them with a sort of zombie vision that did not require light, and just as obviously they had been hoping she would stick her head out to a more favorable location, like where it could get blown off.

'Fucking Jimbo, what the hell happened to him? Max must have brained him, but where did Max come from? It is an office' Nancy rationalized 'he could have been hiding anywhere.' Something nagged at her thoughts, how could Max have sprinted up the corridor to bash them? That was it! He bashed in one of the girl’s heads with a trash can, like the kind you find in a bathroom.

Nancy waited until she heard the last woman enter the stairwell, then nodded towards V. “You got these under control V?” nodding towards an older woman, Kirkpatrick’s young secretary and a middle aged man who were all that was left of what Nancy thought of as her ‘Pantry’. Veronica, definitely worse for the wear, nodded back slowly and carefully her eyes never leaving the food.

“Okay, I will tell you what V, you can eat the first one of them who gives you ANY trouble, got it?” Turning towards the food, she repeated her question, “YOU got it?”they all nodded ‘yes’ vigorously.

Nancyslipped out the door towards the hallway. She was surprised to find Julie was not dead. The poor dear had been feigning her second death, lying like a slug with a bad head wound and most of her torso blow away in the office behind the desk. Nancy pulled her into the office and soothed her, saying, “I know it hurts Julie, I know, shhhh, shhh, it will be okay, you just rest up here. I will be back soon and we will decide what to do.”

Again Nancy made her way towards the bathroom, again she was brought up short, another girl was crawling out of the cubicles near the stairwell door! The second of the trio of girls, whom Nancy had expected to have been killed, was also alive and in good shape! 'Well, maybe this raid did not go so badly after all!' she thought to herself. 'Time to name this one I guess.' She mumbled to herself, “You! I never learned your name, Julie was ‘Gap Girl’, what do you want to be called? Old name or a new one? C’mon, I got things to do girl!”

The zombie stammered out, “I wa-was Julie too.”

“Oh of all the damn luck! Well ‘Julie too’ I can’t have two Julies running around and the original hardly likes ‘Gap Girl’ as a name, it is more of a title, what is your second choice?”

“Um-um, Trish? My old middle. Name.” said Julie who was now Trish.

“Fair enough Trish, you hide in this cube and keep your eyes out for anyone coming back from the stairwell and your ears on any sounds coming from the office. If you hear anything from the office bang on the bathroom door as you go by and run help sister Julie, got that? Otherwise, just yell for help and keep your head down?”

Trish, nodded yes and Nancy bent over in the hallway and picked up a dented trash can that was not too far from what Nancy suspected was her only casualty of this raid. Dented and gooey from hitting her gal, she walked the bin back into the men’s room. Sure enough the one there was missing. Not positive evidence, but goddamn good enough for Nancy. “Jimbo you lying sack of shit, you better hope someone else finds you before I do, ‘cause I am not going to be nice if we meet again.”

Nancyheaded back to the hallway gathered up Trish and they both went back into the office with the others. Looking the situation over Nancy knew she had to do something about or for Julie, she would not leave her there handicapped, so it was time for healing or for finishing her off. Which one of the three left got to get eaten to see if they could stimulate Julie’s healing powers? Ah, a volunteer! The younger woman’s hand raised into the air tentatively, ‘This is great’, thought Nancy, ‘If only all the food would be so co-operative!’ Out loud she asked, “Yes?”as she pointed to the girl.

“I...I, gotta go pee, please! I really gotta go bad.”

“V, you up to taking the food into the bathroom for a quick pee and then bringing her back?”

Veronica nodded ‘yes’. “Good.”said Nancy, “Oh and bring the old woman too, you might as well get them both relieved at the same time.”

When they had filed out of the office Nancy turned back towards the remaining man. ‘I guess I was right, a choice was made.’

In the bathroom Veronica took up a position just outside the door while Amelia and Diane went into their stalls. Amelia knew she was dead, and that any chance of splitting the group watching them made the odds better than standing in the office waiting to be eaten or converted to a zombie. Kirkpatrick’s office was a dead end and she would have had to get past all the zombies if she had tried anything a few minutes ago. Now she only had to get past one zombie. As Amelia had hoped Nancy sent Veronica to watch them, she seemed to trust Veronica more. Nancy didn’t seem to notice how badly injured Veronica was, the shotgun blast had almost decapitated her and she could barely limp along, though she did seem more intelligent than the others under Nancy’s control. Now how to plan something with Diane?

“Diane.” she whispered, “Diane, if we go back into that office we are dead, we have to make a break when we get into the hallway, just run for the stairs, okay?”

“I…I can’t Amelia, I can’t run for long. Asthma. I will try, it is our best shot, I know, I am afraid Amelia, so scared I can’t hardly move. Do you really think they will kill us?”

As if in answer to that question, they heard a man screaming from Kirkpatrick’s office, loudly and in great pain. Amelia jumped up and hissed, “Now! Now while the noise may distract the other one!”

They rushed out of the bathroom doorway, Amelia clutching a wooden handled toilet plunger in her hand as they tried to make their escape.