Chapter 23

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Max, Stewart, Steve and Tom made their way back to the main lobby of Mac Co. Nothing, no open doors, only a very dead, very eaten Walt tucked behind the doors to the loading dock. The other doors were all closed; everything was locked up as it should be.

“How did they get in? Everything is still locked up!” said Steve

“Tell ya in a second”said Tom. He went over behind the desk to the computers where the camera screens were still running and started playing back the video from the last half hour. “There”he pointed at a nondescript door that opened discretely into the lobby.

“The supply center, yeah, the logs say Nancy came in through the door next to the loading ramp twenty four minutes ago. Why didn’t we block that door off?”

“It was secured, very heavy anyway, we didn’t think of it? It escaped our notice? I don’t know, we just were focused on the stairwells and side doors, not the loading dock. Damn.” said Max.

“Yeah. Damn. Good thing we have the cars lined up and ready to go. Where are we going anyway?” said Stewart.

“Home to get my wife and kids.” said Max.

“Over to check on my sister and her family.” said Steve.

“Back to my apartment to get my laptop.” added Tom after a moment.

Everyone turned to look at Tom, “Your laptop? Seriously?” asked Stewart.

“Er, well it is brand new! I only live, like a mile away, I am sure it is along the way to Max’s house or Steve’s sisters. Plus maybe my roommates are there and I can get a bag with clothes and stuff.”

“Hm a mile away, only if it is really along the way, you can get new stuff now.” said Stewart, “Okay then I think we should still stick together, who lives closer? Max’s family or Steve’s sister?”

Max had a sinking feeling, he knew his house, way out west in Arvada would likely be further away than anywhere else Steve’s sister might have chosen to live. He was right, after comparing notes though it was not as bad as he had thought, Steve’s sister lived off Pearl street not too far from the highway. Tom’s place was only about a two block detour to the highway, so they would stop there too, maybe even crash for an hour or two if it was secure enough.

“Okay people who rides with who and lets divvy up the guns. Max, I think you should be with me in the cruiser, Tom you keep the shotgun and go with Steve, we will make do with my nine millimeter and the billy club. Is this okay with everyone?” asked Stewart.

“Oh yes sir ma’am, sir!” joked Steve, “It sounds good, you guys follow us right? Tom give her your address just in case we get separated. In fact lets write all three addresses down and give each of us a copy, we meet at Tom’s place, then my sisters place, then Max’s house in that order. If any of us get there first we leave a note in the...the freezer for anyone who follows? Okay?”

“Good idea! Steve, very simple, yet elegant.” said Stewart.

Steve blushed, and Max could not help but say, “Ooh love is born and we witnessed it, eh Tom?” This earned Max a glare from both Steve and Stewart, but brought a laugh from Tom.

“On second thought the new arrangements are: Tom and Steve in Steve’s car, me in the cruiser and Max out front trolling for trouble as we creep the cars along behind him.”

“Sounds good to me.” Quipped Steve.

They all stopped when they heard a sound from somewhere up the stairwell above them.

Stewart grabbed a pad of paper and shoved it into Max’s hands, “Write the addresses.” She moved into position covering the stairwell door.

Max got busy writing, getting Tom’s address first, then Steve’s and finally putting his own at the bottom. He then went over to the copier behind the desk and fired it up, placing the pad on it for copying, hit the number four and printed out four copies of the sheet, which he handed out to everyone. The noises from the stairwell were louder, a gasping kind of heavy breathing.

“Let’s roll.” Whispered Stewart. They checked the front doors, saw they were zombie free and burst outside into the night and ran towards the cars. They were loaded and ready to go in seconds and both vehicles started without hardly a sputter. Getting out of the parking lot was no problem at all and as they turned onto the street Max could swear he saw the zombie 'Jimbo' leading another zombie up the street by his tie.