Chapter 32

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Standing in the kitchen staring at her hand Nancy and Veronica were interrupted by Trish and Julie coming down the stairs together. The girls stopped, realizing that something major had happened, then Julie ventured, “What is with the smoke and smell?”

“Well Julie, I am so glad you asked” replied Nancy, “I was curious to see just how well we could mend and ran a little test with the oven. This.” She held up her hand, “is my hand, five minutes ago my smallest finger was a blackened, blistered claw, now, it is fully functional, without even scar tissue to impede it's movement. What do you think of that?”

“Um, it is good, right. Good?”

“Yeah Julie it is good. I feel immortal, I think with enough humans in me, us, we will be immortal. Are you girls hungry? I could use a bite, but would rather wait for a few hours if you can handle it.” Somehow Nancy knew they were mostly full and would not resent waiting either. This was something she needed to sit down and explore with them too. How secure was her hold over them and how, exactly did it work? Time would tell, right now they needed to get through the next few days, find a few more people to eat, maybe make a couple more girls to go along with them. Replace Jimbo? Hm worth thinking about he did have more mass and muscle then the rest of them. Oh and track down that lucky fucker Fred too. She would find him, it was inevitable.