Chapter 51

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“Why the fuck are you way over here?” Jimbo asked Bobby, when he finally caught up with him.

Bobby glared at Jimbo and said, “He wasn’t so bad. Cory, wasn’t so bad, I could have like him a lot.”

“I know, but how did you get here?” Jimbo shifted his eyes and looked at the ragged quiet girl that Bobby gripped tightly with one hand, she was probably eight or nine and scared speechless.

“Well I liked Cory, only he didn’t have a PSP and we couldn’t play together head to head with just one. So I figured we would go get one, now that they are free. You didn’t tell me not to!” Bobby said defiantly.

Sighing, Jimbo said, “Alright, it is water under the bridge, okay? No big deal you wanted to get your friend a video game, is that it there?” Pointing at the sack the Bobby held.

“Yeah I went and got it anyway, I figured you would catch Cory.”

“Well no, we didn’t, I never saw him.”

“He is probably at the house, can we go and get him?” asked Bobby.

“Wh-what? Are fucking nuts? Bobby those guys practically killed me! And I think they killed everyone else!”

A third voice joined the conversation, “No. They didn’t.”

Turning they all looked at Veronica as she stood in the doorway of the convenience store where they had taken refuge. “They almost did, no thanks to you Jimbo. Who is this?”

“Veronica, Jesus, you look beat! What the hell happened? This is Bobby and his little, scrumptious friend.” said Jimbo, thinking to himself, ‘This bitch steps outta line and I will kill her, she is so torn up I could do it.’

As if reading his thoughts she said, “Relax Jimbo, truce okay? Like I heard you say a moment ago, water under the bridge, I need your help and I ain’t Nancy.”

“Okay, truce, but what do you want?”

“There is strength in numbers Jimbo, me, you, Bobby and the girl, that is a start. Lets do it again, only this time we are going to find some guns, no more of this hand to hand shit. We recover our strength and go after a few more people, get a group together, find a car and get the hell out of here.”

“Yeah, I think so, that sounds good.” turning to Bobby he said, “We need her Bobby, I am weak, Veronica is worse off than me. Sorry, but we gotta have her.”

Bobby looked at them, “Yeah, okay, she is a girl anyway, I want another boy. I am gonna go find Cory and give him this.” he said, lifting the sack in one hand.

“Don’t be stupid Bobby, save it for the next boy we find, okay?”

“No! You get the girl I go drop this off.” he let the girl go and she scrambled away into the back of the store to hide in the shadows, Bobby moved in the other direction, towards the front of the store, where he quickly ducked under a pane of broken glass and out into the morning.

Veronica gave a start and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Aw let him go, the kid is stupid and stubborn, but I like him. Reminds me of me at that age. I have the feeling we are going to be making another trip to Target for another DSP when we find another boy close to his age. God I hate killing the little ones.”

“DSP? It is PSP Jimbo, aren't you with it enough to know what is ‘in’? I hate offing the kids too. Do you think we could just bleed her a bit and find someone still alive to take her? I am tired of killing.”

Jimbo thought about it for a second, then nodded, “Yeah that would ease my conscious a bit. We'll have to be careful.”

Together they turned back towards the girl cowering in the shadows.

Bobby found his way back to the backyard of the house behind Max’s and cautiously peered over the fence. Nothing, no Cory, but his eyes spotted the shotgun on the grass. He climbed over the fence, picked up the shotgun and sat the bag down. As he was getting ready to climb back over the fence he spotted a shotgun shell in the grass, he bent to pick it up and spotted another one, he retrieved that one and noticed it was heavier than the first one, looking at the first one he saw that it has a hole in the front end, not like the second one, which was snub nosed and folded closed. It didn’t take a genius to figure out which one of them had already been fired. He tossed the empty down and looked around for more shells, he only found more empties and decided one was better than nothing. Someone started moving around in the kitchen near the broken glass doors, not sure who it was Bobby leaped up and jumped for the back fence. He cleared it in a single bound. When he got back to the convenience store he only saw Jimbo.

“Where is Veronica and Erin?” his voice took on an accusing tone, “You didn’t bring her back did you? I don’t want a little girl zombie!”

“Whoa! Whoa! No way, she ain’t a zombie, we only bled her enough to heal ourselves up a bit, we didn’t even finish the job, Veronica is going to give her to Max. Let him deal with the kid. Where’d you find the gun?” asked Jimbo, amazed.

“I picked it up in Max’s back yard and I found this.” Bobby held up an unspent shell.

“Well I’ll be damned! Good job Bobby!” shaking his head in disbelief, “We can’t find any guns and you find one laying in the yard. Un-fucking-believable.”

Bobby beamed over the praise and together they waited for Veronica to return. It was a short wait.

“I left her in the Cadillac. She’ll live. There is a gas station down the street with a car out front, like they were filling up. Let’s go see if we can find the keys.”

The keys were on the body of a man lying in front of the counter, he was missing his head. The car was already full of fuel and soon enough they were headed north towards Boulder, leaving Arvada behind.