Chapter 43

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“What the fuck just happened?” Harry shouted, clutching his head. Aubrey slumped against a counter set to one side of the main hall.

“My guess,” she started as she pulled herself up and dusted off her shirt, “Is that Ramey just got killed in Nebraska. We've got to pull the zombies into Iowa now while they are still close by.” Aubrey's voice was cold and logical. “This is going to take some effort.”

“How?” Harry started, then simply nodded and closed his eyes. “It is a battle of wills and we are five hundred miles away!”

“We'll give up the center and pull zombies in from Kansas City and from the north, near, Sioux City. That will keep them busy for the time being, even if the main attacks are disjointed.”

“What about the east side?”

“We wait a day, let the west side draw the reinforcements away, then we crash the party with everyone we have there.”

“How did this happen?”

“We underestimated Ramey's opponent. It had to be one of Neil's guys. Fucking Sentry was a moron to decentralized control like this.”

Harry nodded, a light sheen of blood had broken out on his forehead, a few minutes went by before Ella barged through the front doors of the Art Institute, “There is gunfire from two different areas outside, I thought we only had one group of people to deal with?”

Harry looked at Aubrey, “Well?”

“Collect these local guys, now we need them alive more than ever. Have Ella do it, she hasn't really been that useful anyway.”

Ella folded her arms and responded acidly, “Don't let her talk to me like that! Make her go clean up this mess, she is the one who didn't tell you they were coming into town!”

Aubrey looked levelly at Ella, “Ella, I do not have time for this shit. Can you control thousands of zombies from five hundred miles away? How about even one zombie from a block away?”

The other woman sputtered and pointed, then Harry intervened, “What Aubrey means Ella, is that your talents would be better served running down the ten or so people with the guns, I am sure you can get them here in one piece for us with. Just take care of this for me would you? I need to have a few very stern words with Aubrey and then her and I need to finish up this other little problem that I haven't had a chance to tell you about. So please, could you run these humans down?”

Ella folded her arms across her chest, Aubrey pointedly ignored her by closing her eyes. Finally Harry cleared his throat and asked, “Please dear?”

“I don't have to bring them all back do I?”

Sighing Harry said, “I supposed you could play with one. Only one! Pick someone young and stupid looking and make sure he isn't damaged so much that we can't pick his brains if we need to bring him back to health. Just in case he knows something.”

Smiling Ella said, “Okay Harry! I will do it! You can count on me.” Face beaming the woman pointed out a couple of super zombies who were still holding the doors open and said, “Come with me boys we are going after some bad guys!”

The doors silently closed and Aubrey cracked one eye and said, “She is high maintenance.”

“A bitch too. I think our experiment is about over with her.”

“I hope she brings some of them back alive. We will need the power, we can kill them and question them afterward. I wonder what would happen if we drained their blood out and then fed it to them, would the energy from their own blood be enough to bring them back? We know the blood holds onto it longer than it takes for someone to die.”

Harry shook his head, “You come up with the damnedest things. We can try it. We will, unless we need it too badly.”