Chapter 47

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Something was going on down below, Katie heard small arms fire from the Art Institute and was sure at least one bullet had crashed through one of the windows of the place out into the street.

Behind her, the pounding on the door started up again. Casting a quick glance over her shoulder Katie made sure the door was still holding. Randy had taken a long metal pole they found and wedged it under the door's handle when they came up the stairs. They were lucky to have found anything to brace the door with, if they hadn't, well Katie didn't like to think of the world of hurt she would be in right now, fighting off zombies behind her and trying to get a bead on the worst bad guy of all. There hadn't been that many zombies in the building as they climbed to the roof, the pounding had started minutes after Randy took a header over the edge. Looking down Katie saw his body was still there, he had not turned. 'Probably he kept his presence of mind until the last and landed head first.' Katie thought.

“Status,” the voice cut jarringly into her thoughts from the radio. 'What the fuck? They were not supposed to call me.'

“Uh, still operational,” she said tentatively, not knowing exactly how to respond. Randy had handled the communication end of things for the team.

“Affirmative. We are standing by for fire orders.”

“Good. I think I will send them in shortly.” The pounding on the door stopped, “Can I get the missions to land in a specific order? So I say 'go' and you drop the missions one after another?”

There was not reply for a moment, then the radio crackled and a voice said, “Affirmative. What order and how long of an interval between missions?”

“Order is one, three, two. No delay between one and three, a three minute delay between three and two.”

“Affirmative. You say 'go' and we will drop in that order.” the man's voice on the other end hesitated, “Three is still your position?”



“I confirm.”

“Are you sure?”

“Confirm God damn it! What are we playing a game here? Do your goddamned job and let me do mine!”

“Confirmed. Sorry.”

“Don't get all emotional on me now.”

“Say 'go' and we will start the drop, eta after 'go' is thirty seconds.”

“That's better. And buddy?”


“You better make those big drops. If I don't get them, you guys need to.”


“Too bad we don't have access to nukes.” Katie muttered, then stopped, realizing she had switched the mic on.

Quiet laughter flowed into her ear, “Yeah too bad. Good luck...and, well...good luck.”

Katie thought the man might have been going say to get out of the way of the artillery, but then he maybe thought better of it, they both knew she wasn't going to get out of this one.

Behind her a single loud thump rattled the door, the bar they had put up bend in the middle and the door opened about a foot. Twirling Katie braced her gun on her knee and targeted the door. An arm reached through, feeling around for the brace, she aimed and took one shot, the bullet hit the elbow and a cry of pain screamed from inside the stairwell as the arm was quickly retracted. Down on the street an explosion rattled the windows. Spinning again, Katie leaned over to get a better look at what was happening. A couple of zombies had been blown out of the window; a man and a woman. Both looked like the type she classified as 'super' and she took aim in their general direction as another loud bang sounded behind her.

'Ah well it is go time isn't it, hope my suit is up to snuff.' She took a bead on the zombie man's head as he leaped to his feet and faced the inside of the Art building.

Into her mic Katie whispered softly, “Go.”