Vampires Versus Zombies

Submitted by Zombieman on Wed, 08/30/2017 - 23:44

He found them in a strip mall. At least Charles thought the location had all the signs. He would wait until the next night to be absolutely sure. It could just be a puddle of zombies. Like Lakewood. Fucking Lakewood. Charles had lost Tanzi and Burt there, two of the trio gone in a matter of seconds. We are creatures of the fucking night, unstoppable!  At least, they used to be. He knew where both had fallen, in theory he could raise them up again, with ample blood from the living.


A gunshot rang out and Charles cocked his head slightly, gazing into the distance. Living humans with firearms were a rarity these days. It’s been six months since the zombies ruined everything, ammunition was the first thing to go.


One of the zombies in the group had fallen. From the strip mall a cry of victory rang out, too far away even for Charles to hear what was said. Probably something like ‘Yee-haw!’ If these living were stupid enough to draw attention to themselves by firing a gun then it was amazing they had survived this long. Maybe I should go in now?


He watched as the loud retort did what he expected, it drew zombies out of the wood work to surround the strip mall a hundred deep. Charles kept a closer eye on the zombie crowd from where he was, looking for creepers. Some of the very few humans he had consumed since the fall of man had called them ‘Super Zombies’; they were smarter, faster and tougher than their slow-moving brethren. As if adding ‘super’ makes them so. Charles knew all about being super, he was, after all a nigh unstoppable killing machine.