18 and counting

Submitted by Zombieman on Fri, 11/24/2017 - 18:29

I have 18 chapters up as of today for TZC6. The heavy writing this month is a nice change from, oh, the rest of the years. What's worse  is this writing has stimulated more writing. Now I am flush with ideas of other books I want to write and will hopefully get around to one day. 

Today is the day after American Thanksgiving, also known as 'Black Friday' and that is always exciting. Not for the consumer religion that has replaced God but for the general goodwill that seems to go alonng with such a positive frenzy. Sure, there are shootings and fights over product but that is an very insignificant minority, in general everyone is excited about new 'THINGS' and there are more than enough 'THINGS' to go around. Myself I get things as I want and can afford them, no need to wait for 10% off. I picked up a VR kit for Windows in October as one of those 'things' and was devastatedly disappointed; frankly it sucked. The problem was the unfullfilled promise it brought to the table. Where was my Serious Sam in glorious, not quite HoloDeck 3D? WHERE? Well this past week Minecraft was released and after many, many problems getting my 'gaming' rig updated and fixing (many) install/updte errors with their accompanying blue screens of "You're so fucked" I managed to get things working. I am fighting a strong VR addiction now. Thor help me when Serious Sam VR actually is ready; I'll be fired from my job and have to go into a treatment program for addiction. This is the future I was promised in the mid 80's. No, not as glossy and refined and much more work than I thought it would be, but it has finally arrived.  Tonight I will try playing with creepers on...send me your thoughts and prayers. Actual money would probably help more though, I hear addiction treatment is expensive.

Between now and my immersion in the collective I will give playing some board games with the family a try, probably Ticket to Ride and/or Puerto Rico and/or Terraforming Mars. Damn it is good to be alive, I'll sure miss it when I'm not. :-P







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