Day two

Submitted by Zombieman on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 21:47

The quarantine has entered a new phase, I've lost track of the days, I am sure I must be on day 2, but with so much time having passed it can be hard to tell. Alas food supplies are already running low, with only fresh veggies, beef, pork chops, marinated chicken breast, cheese, cream, coffee, candy, chips, tortillas and other items too numerous to list, left to eat. For exercise I am forced to walk the perimeter of the property, a mere acre, though the sun falling upon my face does bring me joy, it is short lived as I look at the devastation the virus has wrought. Hardly any work crews are out and about and UPS only comes by once a day; we are truly descending into an age of barbarism. Entertainments have proven to be sparse as well, with only a few ten thousands of programs to watch via Netflix/Amazon/HBO/Hulu and less than ten thousand video games downloadable from Steam/Xbox/Nintendo. The situation is grim; I know now that we will not all be saved. It is hard to think about what may do me in first, the roving bands of school-less street children, the militant 'Stay six feet away from me!" crowd with their 'loaded for bear' weapons and willingness to die, or kill, to maintain a strict covid-safe distance or the mind-numbing boredom that comes from living in such isolation.

I see, via the internet that many people, like this guy, are trying to put a happy spin on things, but I do not know if I can carry on in these conditions much longer.