Day 3

Submitted by Zombieman on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 19:54

So much has happened since yesterday’s post. I have entered into day 3 now, I’m sure of it, of the self-quarantine. I am holding up well. The dog has died, one of them. A serious bout of ‘tumor rupturing’ that even the vet could not mend with thousands of dollars. Food continues to be an issue; I’ve suffered through with beef and cauliflower rice. Cauliflower rice. Let that sink it. It was reasonably spiced with ghost pepper, making the paste-like gruel barely palatable and no doubt I shall be regretting that ingestion decision during my next constitutional. Speaking of such toiletry things, the paper is down to thirty or so rolls, how fortunate that I had inadvertently stocked up before the run on tp began! 

The constant battle with boredom continues, last evening I spent more than 45 minutes flipping through choice before determining there was ‘nothing on’ and then consoled myself with one of the millions of ebooks available. It was something about ‘show versus tell’ and lost my interest rather quickly. Thankfully my bed is still as soft and luxurious as ever and the rest I endeavored to get was brought short by waking hours earlier than I normally do, most likely brough on by turning in hours earlier.  Well the early bird gets the worm and all, though on my morning perimeter check I did not spot any delicious worms, just a bit of frost.

Take care, my loyal reader(s)! You never know when the bell shall toll for thee!