Fourth Day

Submitted by Zombieman on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 21:22

Today I have journeyed out from the home in search of bread and meat. I have been forced to use the local sandwich shoppe, something I am loathed to do, but they were the only establishment open. Upon entering they told me business was ‘down’. I laughed, of course business is down, people are dropping like flies and there is less demand now than even a day ago. I ordered my 12-inch sandwich and tried not to breathe the same air as the maker. Perhaps I should have visited the grocery market instead?

Upon returning home I was confronted with my activity of the last few days. It seems that I’ve been running up a lot of time on zombie apocalypse game (They are Billions) and somehow, I have managed to pass over a thousand hours playing said game. That is a lot of hours of my life I shall never get back, can I truly say I am better off not being dead of the COVID if all I do to ‘live’ is waste away in a digital wasteland?

Puppies still occupy my mind a golden companion to have my back would be invaluable in the inter-family battles that have been brewing lately. The upstairs faction has been getting more persistent in wanting…. something and just on the sole basis that they control the stairs and egresses from the home. Like I cannot climb out a window!? A dog would aid me in several ways, alerting me when they journey down to pilfer my toilet paper stockpile, barking ferociously when I climb to the upper world for food or to see what Amazon has left for me in these unsettling times.