Day 5

Submitted by Zombieman on Fri, 04/03/2020 - 21:33

Everything is the same. My options today resemble those I had every other day of this trial. Except for food of course, my options there are dwindling. I have noticed the greatest difficulty of this time is nothing changes. I wake, my room is the same, no new doodads greet my waking eyes, no new animals bound joyfully into my room to lick me into consciousness. Mid-morning, I look down at myself from my 30 ounces of coffee, and see I am wearing the same clothing I was wearing days ago. I have become a ragged, homeless-esc sort of man in my own home!

Something had to give, this sam-i-ness could not stand! I journeyed into my car-hold and looked at an array of boxes I had packed last summer in anticipation of XXXXXX, what was in them? One was clearly labeled ‘Atomic Pie’, 'mic and boom' and 'D&D cards'. What treasures could this box hold? Eagerly I scrambled up onto my workbench to reach the upper shelf and pull it down. Upon opening it, either from my jaded days of having no new shinies or the ever growing memory depletion of age, I was ecstatic to find a new, still in the box, microphone and boom I had purchased long ago in the fog of time and have never gotten around to using. Also the atomic pi was waiting for me to power it up and the D&D cards? There as well, hundreds of them detailing many adventures, items, monsters and treasures. But that was not all. “What is this?” I asked spotting a pair of headphones I had never seen before in my life. A pair of blue tooth headphones all folded neatly and ready for use, as soon as their internal batteries were supplied with energy. There were also the following other items: A deluxe external extension cord, an outlet plug with a switch built in, a box of Red Lion Cheroots, and to top it all off, a can of limited edition ‘toasted almond’ febreze! What wonders past me had packed away for present me.  I celebrated like a child on Christmas morning, so great were the gifts from the past.