Sixth day

Submitted by Zombieman on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 14:53

Politics! I have discovered that while I have been passing my time in isolation a whole other ‘thing’ has been going on! I’m not so sure of the ins and outs of the people we elected, but some people say they did a bad job and the people elected are saying they are doing a great job. Who is right? I could spend years analyzing the data and probably never come up with an answer. All I know is people are dying and it is someone’s fault and the opinions on who is to blame are very much up for debate. So exciting! These politicians remind me of a grumpy old married couple arguing. Both sides know someone was wrong (and dare I say, ‘who’?), but the offending party will never admit it. Perhaps the couple’s children can step in and stop these constant battles? Long live the Oligarchy!

After rising this morning and preparing my first pot of coffee I pondered, exactly how many more times I could rise and make coffee? Lots, I think. Without even hoarding I had an abundance of God’s bean juice on hand, it’s the cow juice I would run out of first…except for the imitation stuff I have in the event I run out. <sigh> Will I never experience deprivation?

Out in the shop it was bitter cold, but I soldiered on to create a small stool for the little people who may someday return to my home. The project was satisfying, even if the results are, by my very standards, crude, and I have a fully functioning 12” high sitting device ready for any appropriately sized humans to use if/when this COVID is over. However, the shop is freezing and I have adjourned for the day. What will I do with the span of time before me? Cry perhaps, drink from the motley collection of half-bottles of liquor and enjoy the comfort of a Red Lion? The day is my oyster, like every other, endless day.