And on the 7th Day....

Submitted by Zombieman on Sun, 04/05/2020 - 13:52

Breakfast! That time of the morning, during a pandemic, where I sit and ponder how much worse the world has become while drinking my coffee. I gave up breakfast eating a long time ago. I didn’t give up breakfast foods, mind, just eating in the AM (the first 12 hours of the day for you non-Americans). The problem is sleep. As in, I’m getting less of it. Not the ‘good less’ which would be me staying up until 3 in the morning playing video games or changing a carburetor, no, I’m getting the ‘bad less’. The ‘bad less’ is me waking up at 5 in the morning after retiring at midnight. So 5 hours. Ugh. With less sleep in the morning, it means I have many more hours to think about not eating breakfast. Not thinking about something is difficult in the best of times and these are not the best of times.

Personally, I blame all my health problems on the COVID. Morbidly obesity? I was ‘hoarding calories’ in anticipation of the scarcity to come. High blood pressure? Who isn’t stressed in these times? Scratches and cuts on my arms? It’s COVID’s fault that I am stuck on my acre and amuse myself by clearing the back fence line. Poor eyesight requiring corrected lenses? My brain knew what was coming and wanted to make sure I was focused on reading, TV and other ‘close in’ activities, so it modified my eyes to only see at extreme short range. That’s why I sucked at sports too. Damn you COVID for ruining my professional sports ball career!

Yesterday I discovered there are OTHER people out there confined to their homes as well. Not everyone thanks to some governors not, well, governing. But most of the country, indeed, the world, is stuck at home now. The more you know, right? Some of these other people are using the time to grow and develop new skills. Others say, relax, you just need to get through this, it’s stressful enough and you don’t need to pressure yourself to use this an opportunity to get better at something. I have tried both ways and I have to say the second option is much easier. Who wants to learn French or how to fix carburetors when PEOPLE ARE DYING? So, I’m not trying to learn anything new. Honestly, I’ve found that the more I know (i.e.- skills I have) the more other people expect me to work. Or worse, I expect myself to work more, because why hire out someone to fix a carburetor when I know how to do it myself. I mean there’s 6 hours I’ll never get back, but hey, job well done.

So past Mark, hid those cheroots away and I broke a couple out last night. I mean, COVID does attack your respiratory system, so I want to give my lungs a workout to make them stronger. So the cigar-itos were just find. Red Lion makes a good product, those little guys still smoked sweet and slow as they always have. Good thing I have an entire box of the them, they should last for at least 1.5 pandemics at the rate I smoke.

Does anyone else name their alarms? I mean, I have a phone and it has the ability to set alarms, because, well, we are NOT savages. I’ve named my alarms. I have four set up, three are more or less set for life, one is the variable one I set when I take a break for a ‘van snooze’ at work. Or at home, though if I am at home, I just use my bed, because, well, it’s nicer than reclining the seat in the van. My work alarm is ‘Grind’, Mondays are ‘Monday-Funday’ and the weekends are ‘Weekend Joy’ the 4th, the rando one, isn’t named, which looks like a missed opportunity. “Wait!” I hear you cry, "Why is there a Monday alarm AND a work alarm?" Do I only work 4 days a week? No, no, I work the standard 5 eight hour days, but Mondays I work from home, so I can get up a half hour later. Not that I do. In fact, I usually wake up 10 to 200 minutes before my alarms go off. Like today was a ‘Weekend Joy’ day, set for 08:45, but I was up at 05:05. A solid 220 minutes before the alarm. It just went off, so that’s where this whole ‘alarm’ paragraph is coming from.