Day 16

Submitted by Zombieman on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 15:09

I journeyed out to the store. Worry not fellow social distancing warriors, I was well armed, covered in head to toe with a survival suit made of an old shower curtain and brief in my time amongst the unwashed.  We truly are in the midst of suffering and misery; I went to purchase tortilla chips and there were none to be found.

Oh, I don’t mean all the tortilla chips, there were plenty of ‘regular’ chips, and even some ‘extra thick’ chips, but were there any ‘Light and Crispy’ that I was craving? No. Not a bag to be had among the overstuffed chip shelf. The end is nigh. I stocked up with a couple of bags of ‘regular’ chips and fled with my other savory treats. And some jelly beans, it’s nice to have a little sweet with your salty.

Officially my self-quarantine has been lifted, the 14 days have passed with any fevers or coughing or random limbs falling off, so I have been cleared to go back to work by my HR department. This is lovely, except, well, I don’t think anyone in the HR department has a medical degree and it was just a simple form I had to fill out. I could have lied. Really what we need is a comprehensive lie-detector test for any employee who returns to work. Now when I look into the sunken eyes of my fellow employees, I see distrust and resentment that I was able to ‘work from home’ the past two weeks. Of course, we’ve all been working from home since the second week of March, so really nothing had changed, but the feeling was there.

The real benefit is I can go in and unload trucks now, on a voluntary basis, of course, if I choose to. That’s excellent as I have been pining away for something to do with all my free time.


Yes, it’s that time of the blog! I am glad the gloves are off and that the President has asserted his total authority to do whatever he wants because we elected a king for a four year term.  Also, I am glad to have received my $1200 aid, it will come in handy, for certain. I bet I could find a couple bags of ‘Thin and Crispy’ tortilla chips and a case of toilet paper for that. What I’m not too pleased with is the $18,000 of debt I incurred that went to corporate welfare, but if it isn’t the government’s job to support businesses and the wealthy, then whose job is it? I guess now that corporations are people, this means that some people are ‘more equal’ than others.