Chapter 17

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Nancy and her posse were a block away from MAC Co when they heard the first gunshots. “Jimbo, be a sweetheart and go see what’s happening” Nancy instructed. Reluctantly Jim shuffled forward and around the corner of the building out of site. A few moments later, he reappeared and reported seeing, “The living fighting with dead.”

“That’s it? The living fighting with the dead? Useless son of a…come on V let’s take a peek for ourselves.” After watching the scene unfold for a while, Nancy asked, “What do think we should do Veronica?”

Veronica harrumphed and hawed for a moment, making Nancy impatient, and finally spat out, “Wait until night. Watch. Break a window to get in if we have to. Kill them all and eat them, no more brothers or sisters, a big pack is hard to feed.”

“Very good, Veronica! Very good indeed! You know what I really want though? I want a guy named Fred, I want to find him and make him dead. Fred - dead. Get it? He is hopefully still pretty stupid right now, but he is still, maybe, our master and he would be a very bad master. Death would not have improved him. Accounting. You know how it is.”

Veronica made a laughing sound, awkward, but Nancy knew what she met by it. Nancy was concerned now, not worried, that might come later, but a Veronica who might resent her as much as Nancy resented Fred? Probably she would resent her even more, as Fred was just a mindless zombie and had yet to exert any influence on Nancy, whereas Nancy was controlling Veronica all the time. 'Yes, a pretty puzzle.' thought Nancy, perhaps cutting Veronica’s share of the food back a bit might be in order. On the other hand, would it matter now? Nancy liked the feeling of eating and felt a compulsion to eat whenever she saw a human form, but did the effect wear off? It had only been, twelve hours? That was it? Nancy was not feeling hungry or worn down or in need of another meal, however she would not pass one up if it happened by either. The more she consumed the more powerful she felt, so she wanted more.

“Veronica, honey, momma is getting hungry again, can we get in there now for a quick bite or should we go find easier prey?”

Veronica screwed up her face, her very pretty, younger face, Nancy noted, and then she answered, “Easier prey.”

“Why Veronica, why not these guys right now?”

“These are here, hiding inside, they won’t leave, we eat others and save these for later, they will still be here. Right?” said Veronica.

“Why my darling girl you are quite, quite right. Jimbo! Let’s go find us some grub. If you find one for us, you can have a leg to yourself, ‘kay pal?” Nancy could swear she saw Jim’s eyes go from dull and sullen to, a quick gleam of lusty hunger. Oh, he would find them something, Nancy was sure of it.