Chapter 36

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A night had passed for Jimbo, Fred and Bobby and most of the next day as well, pickings were plentiful in this part of suburbia and Fred felt no need to rush or move on any faster than they were.

“Fred, how’re ya feeling?” Asked Jimbo, “You all full for today and ready for some mental lessons?”

Fred and the boy gathered around Jimbo in the garage, a nice empty three car garage, well empty now because they had pulled two cars out onto the driveway. Bobby pulled up a lawn chair and sat with the two men, who were likewise seated next to a small ‘dormitory’ style refrigerator. The fridge was full of beer and while Jimbo had not yet checked to see if he could still drink beer or become intoxicated, he was going to find out very soon.

“Well guys I think we need to explore the whole mind control thing a little more. It seems like magic of some sort, being able to control others with just a thought and I have to say I don’t much like the idea myself. I don’t want to be Nancy’s puppet or, begging your pardon, even yours Fred and you seem like a pretty decent guy. So I think we owe it to ourselves to see what we can do to each other and what we can block from each other.” That said Jimbo proceeded to give them a pretty frank assessment of what he had done to both of them when he first realized he had these newfound abilities. At some point in his life Jimbo had read a story dealing with mental powers, he recalled the word psionic and liked it, so he introduced the word to Bobby and Fred, calling their new powers psionic powers of the mind. It was as good a name as any. Jimbo had decided to come clean with Fred fully and to an extent with Bobby. After their second house break in, Fred had started to grow much more intelligent and made a few attempts to get through to Jimbo. He seemed to have figured out that he was a direct predecessor of Jimbo’s and realized the implications of what that meant.

After the third house, their current house, Jimbo thought Fred could break through to his mind if he gave it enough effort, so honesty was probably the best policy if he hoped to have an ally and not a master. Bobby was pretty oblivious to everything. You could make a ten year old a zombie, but not make him smarter than a ten year old. Not that Bobby was a stump or anything, he just lacked the experience his more devious partners had when it came to dealing with other people and problems. Bobby also lacked the world view, the context of the way things worked in the past, to him the past was going to school and playing video games. Jimbo know that Bobby held high hopes of playing more video games in the near future too.

They played round robin for a bit with each person trying to get through the other’s mind fog. After Jimbo explained how he imagined his mind obscured by clouds they both tried it and while that made it harder for Jimbo he was still pretty easily able to brush aside Bobby’s defenses and could work his way into Fred’s mind too, but only just. Jimbo was satisfied too, Fred was not going to get any stronger, he was sated and at his peak. That meant that Jimbo might actually outweigh Nancy in the psionics power department if push came to shove. With Fred at his side and guarding his back, he knew he could beat Nancy hands down. Unless she still had those other little young bitches around her. They all continued the mental play until dusk, when they had worked up a bit of an appetite again. Jimbo discovered that his taste for beer was still there, though it seemed to give him gas, 'So nothing new there.' he thought wryly then belched loudly. 'No real buzz either though', he had drank four beers and was not feeling any sort of effect, 'Perhaps I just need more beer?'

He was interrupted by Bobby, who said, “So who do we eat next, I am getting hungry again. Could we try what we practiced on other zombie-people and see what happens? What are we going to do?” Both his companions turned to look at him and Jimbo smiled, this was working out great, he always knew he had leadership potential.

“Well Bobby I am glad you asked. Here is what I was thinking, we try our mind stuff out on other zombies first, we feed second, and find you someone your size to hang with us, then maybe we head over to the mall or a Best Buy and do a little shopping, I know you were wanting video games, can’t we get you a game boy or something like that?”

“A DS! Can I have PSP too? My cousin had one, it could get on the internet and play songs with swear words in them. I want one of those.”

Jimbo had no idea what the boy was talking about, so he said, “Well, let’s just see what they have, okay?”