Chapter 46

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Cory reached the door first and had it half opened when Amelia warned him to wait for her. He paused at the door and was looking back at her when the zombie woman appeared behind him, behind her another woman appeared

“Cory run!” she screamed at him as she stepped up with her trusty fire poker. Cory, however did not run, he ducked and side stepped off of Max’s porch, the zombie grabbing for him missed and screamed at him. Amelia’s rush put her into swinging range and her first blow caught the zombie above the eyes, almost dead on with the front of her half turned forehead. The poker smashed in easily and the zombie collapsed.

“Oh God! I hope that wasn’t Max’s wife!” she yelled to Cory who was getting back to his feet while Amelia backed away from the front door. Glancing at the boy she saw that he was fine and then shifted her eyes again to the front door, she did a double take and stammered, “How? What…how. How did you get here?” at the figure who had appeared on the other side of Max’s storm door.

Nancysmiled at her and said, “Well, well look what the cat drug back to us! So you and Max hooked up huh?” Calling over her shoulder she said to an unseen person, “V, it is Amelia from work! Yeah again! Tell Julie to move the troops around, looks like Amelia took one of your recruits down too.” Then back to Amelia, she said, ”You know when you got away I really did not think you would make it far. Where is Max?”

“Max?” Amelia stammered, her spirits sinking, “He is not here? Cory get in the car, quick!”

A zombie raced out from the far side of the house, not at Amelia or Cory, but to put himself between them and the car. Cory took a few steps towards the car, then another zombie appeared on his side of the house, “Amelia! There are more of them!” Cory backed away from the zombie, unfortunately he was also backing away from Amelia, which left her effectively surrounded by them with Cory outside the circle.

“Give it up deary, I think we have you surrounded, tell the boy to stop and we will make it easy for you. Jimbo, I took the last one, you can have this one, she's even pretty, you'll like her.” said Nancy, as she stepped through the door outside.

“Never! Run Cory!” Amelia stepped up and swung at Nancy with all her might. Nancy raised her arm and tried to catch the fire poker, however Amelia had learned to expect such defensive reactions in the last few days of fighting and at the last minute she lowered the poker to hit Nancy in the lower leg, with a sickening crack Nancy went down. Nancy screamed and grabbed her leg with both hands as another zombie Amelia recognized stepped over her, ‘V’, Nancy had called her. “C’mon V, that is your name right? Just let us get out of here. Please.” Amelia begged.

“Fucking crucify her ‘V’, no getting away for her, I want her dead! That bitch broke my fucking leg!” frothy spittle sprayed out of Nancy mouth as she screamed.

Veronica never took her eyes off Amelia, “If things were different maybe I could do that, things have changed, we need food now. Well now that Nancy is wounded and needs to heal up. Sorry, it is nothing personal. I won’t let them eat the boy though, when we catch him. And we will.”

Amelia looked around and sure enough Cory had bolted like she said, the zombie on that side of the house was returning, getting back into position as if he had tried to chase the boy down and then given up.

“Then there is nothing I can do.” Amelia heard herself say, after that she let out a cry of rage and swung at Veronica, deliberately pulling her blow back and then edging forward, which caused Veronica’s blocking arm to miss. The blow took Veronica in the middle of her chest and ripped into her white blouse, though her blouse and skin, lodging as near as Amelia could tell in her right breast. Veronica gasped, tried to grab the fire poker and swung her right hand at Amelia ineffectively before stumbling to her knees. Amelia didn't stop, she edged past Veronica and jumped over Nancy's legs as she leaped into the house, barreling into Jimbo, Jimbo wrapped his arms around Amelia, trying to get a good hold on her. “Stop fighting, I'm gonna let you go, get up into the attic if you can.” the wriggling human woman, didn't stop fighting and Jimbo let her go, she did, however, run up the stairs when he released her, dropping the fire poker onto the floor.

“You fucking let her go Jimbo!” screamed Nancy from on the front porch.

“Yeah, I did.” said Jimbo, not bothering to add the 'fuck you' to his reply. “Where is she gonna go Nancy? She's stuck just like poor Max's wife and we can take them anytime we need to.”