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Submitted by Zombieman on Sun, 04/30/2017 - 18:36

Lately I've been busy, spring is in the air, after all. I own an acre of land, or an acre of lawn might be more accurate, sure there is a shed on it and a couple incredibly minuscule garden beds, as well as the usual trimmings around any structures that need regular maintenance every year. This always makes for a couple busy weeks in the spring and for less free time over all when it is finally warm enough for things to grow in Central Iowa. I love getting outside and this year my exuberance for yard works seems to know few bounds, perhaps it’s my new lease on this life of mine?

The annual poison ivy experience has been had (the devil weed was growing ON MY FUCKING HOUSE, worse right outside of my bedroom, just a few inches of wall was protecting me from my moral enemy!) and the 40 or so flowers have been planted as well. I have resolved to get the section of yard in the front of my house finished off finally too, which will involve several tons of dirt and some decking, the back is also going to get a deck and then I move inside to lay down hardwood floors, do a small kitchen remodel and finish off the basement bathroom. I have made great strides in spring cleaning too, with over a thousand pounds of miscellaneous poop being scrapped. 1060 pounds actually, as I have to pay for every pound of my waste. That seems mildly unfair as more than half of that was scrap metal, which I know the landfill is going to get money for…Anyhoo better recycled than filling up my basement and garage. The garage is finally at a point where I can make a mess again, but I am trying not to as I would like to get my motorcycle running again, probably to sell, not to ride. Spring, it brings such good intentions, eh?

You’re not hear to read me drone on about my household chores though, are you? It relates to writing though, as a dear friend of mine has said many times, “You don’t own your stuff; it owns you.” This ‘stuff’ baggage takes its toll on me. I write better when I know I am making progress in other areas of my life, if I have a nagging chore to get to, I can’t help thinking about it, constantly. Planning for it, constantly. Now things are feeling pretty groovy. Have I been writing? Oh my, yesss. Not on zombies, I still am just not in the head space for that, I will be again as I am making notes on where to go, but lately I’ve been messing about with fantasy and a space opera. The fantasy one is just fan fiction, posted here on Ctales (http://www.ctales.com/a0) as a dramatization of a module I ran for a group of Castles and Crusades players, don’t cringe! Okay, too late, you cringed and probably yelled, “NOOOOOO!” silently at my geekdom, but I like the story, most of all I tried to add some grit to the familiar trope of fantasy that comes from most RPG related material. I like grit.  So that was 50 thousand words in the last couple of months alone, not a bad pace for me, even if it is for my own amusement (and that of a very select crowd of RPGers.)

I have also been working on the Laredo, a space opera, only a few thousand words, but one I started years ago and have been wanting to mess with for some time. It is not really ‘up next’ on my writing ‘to do’ list though. I think I will start writing on TZC6 now, along with some Shiners stories or the next Shiners novel. Hopefully I will have both TZC6 and the next Shiners novel out by the end of the year.  The Laredo deals with the usual trope of mankind at war in the great big old universe, fast paced technological development, artificial intelligences, aliens, backward, tech hating, God fearing peoples as well as those converting themselves to digital beings are all part of the mix there and I am having fun plinking at it over my lunch hours at work.

TZC6 picks up at Café Americano down in Miami, Max and Hank, Stewart and Juan, Nick and Rueben all trying to save mankind while the West Coasters drive to bring everyone into their way of zombie/human utopia. The question I am mostly struggling with is how sci-fi to go with that story? I mean what I write is pretty much a niche genre in a niche genre right now and I want to do things up right, but ‘right’ is what I need to define. <sigh> I’ll figure it out as I go, I suppose, after all it’s supposed to be ‘beer and pretzels’ reading not “War and Peace”, no doubt I have been over thinking it all this time.