A perfect day...almost.

Submitted by Zombieman on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 19:31

Dang. Sometimes things happen and you have to deal with them when you don't want to. I have lived a good life and not had many hardships to deal with, so these little travesties are all I know. Today the truck, my beloved medium duty, workhorse has died. Not a 'Tow it home, fix 'er up, get 'er going' sort of death, more of a pay a mechanic $3 thousand dollars sort of death. Guess who doesn't have that kind of money laying about?

Last known sighting of the Ranger.


See? It is still in good shape after 24 years. But under that glossy, green exterior there are problems. Loads of rust, soft brakes, overheating, a radiator in need of replacement and probably a blown head gasket and water pump.

The lack of a truck leaves a void in my life, not sure when I will get around to buying a new light duty vehicle for all my hauling needs, but...probably within a year or two, even though my C-MAX isn't even paid off yet. How do people without trucks survive? Vans? I mean how do you haul 10' 2x4s? Or full sheets of plywood? Or deck planks? Or riding lawn mowers? <sigh> I have joined the unwashed masses, teeming and truck lacking.



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