Summer Daze

Submitted by Zombieman on Sun, 07/16/2017 - 17:40

What a busy summer. For the most part I am back into home remodeling and that has taken a toll on me. The deck is built, no more ‘man-deck’ of cobbled together planks for me! Now I have a full sized, wonderfully level deck to drink and grill on. This comes with a price thought, aside from the 3 grand used for the materials and many days of labor. The price is I built it too nice and now people have started gathering upon it for something referred to as ‘good times.’ Yes, the deck is people-y, very disturbing. Fortunately, most Saturday nights the crowd tends to slake off and I get some much needed ‘me’ time. Unfortunately, my weekends have been booked solid these last few months and the grilling that has happened has been for large gatherings of people I am related to. I am in desperate need of a solid six hours of uninterrupted time out there…soon…

I have also completed putting in the basement bathroom. That was quite a task on its own and well worth undertaking, I have a wonderful place to wash up and poop now. A solid poo-ing place goes a long way towards keeping my mental health good. Look at me going all HGTV in my blog! I’ll cut it back and only mention the front step project, the future planned wood floors that will be going in soon and the modest kitchen and stair renovations that are in progress. I know you didn’t come here for my project status…unless it is book related.

Speaking of books I am despairing of ever getting TZC6 even started adequately. Shiners? No problem, I can write on Shiners all day, every day, though I mostly have not been writing. I do have a story started to introduce another character in that universe (named ‘Reset’) and I’ll probably post the first part of that this week after giving it another look over. I suspect I will be writing for the next week/ten days as I am down to odds and ends of home fixing up and between major projects now. TZC6 is probably going to be shit-canned again, what I have started of it. I sort of have a goal I am working toward and starting out with a despairing wasteland might not be a promising start.

Other news: Work is a challenge. My day job is requiring more and more mental processing and I need to put in the time (with tutorials and learning) to just keep a roof over my head. This is irritating, though sometimes such stress gives me greater motivation to type so I can leave the rat-race with major book deals and income (that’s with my tongue firmly in cheek, I’d love it to happen, but can’t seem to find enough time to make my dream come true.)

I have traveled recently too, to the great state of Illinois. Yeah, so far as one whole state away to visit my grandmother, who has had a rough year. It was a poignant trip that tells me I should be planning for my future more…but probably won’t. I’ve had relatives pass through and pause for a day or more too, it was good to see them and host them, and hey, at least I have a nice deck for them to visit with me on now, right?