Submitted by Zombieman on Thu, 09/07/2017 - 00:49

You just have to love the fall, don’t you? I’m mostly talking to the zombie aficionados out there. I mean fall equals decay, like a zombie’s slowly rotting corpse. I’ve always like the fall and the spring, in that order. Winter is a bit boring, cold, sterile almost and not a lot going on, to the point where you start to long for a snow storm, even as an adult. Summer is merely okay for being out on the deck, on account of the gawddamned flies. But in the fall, you get a tangible reminder that things are going to end, if not now, then soon, almost instantly by the cosmic definition of things. Then we all get the answer about life, or rather the afterlife, that we’ve always wondered about.

Then winter comes and gets such philosophizing out of my head, forcing me to deal with the typical drudgery of life: Sleep, Work, Eat – all in darkness. Winter makes that drudgery seem…magnified. Spring comes and I’m all puppies! And Babies! And Plants! Not to mention more amicable grilling and, for me personally, a couple of game conventions. Good times.

Times, though, they are a-changing. I am cognizant of that now, more than before. People have died. Not just ‘people’ people. Those ones you read about in the news and feel bad for in an “I’m so glad that wasn’t me or anyone I know” sort of way, but people I knew. Too young too. I’m closing in on 50, and still feel like I’m 12. I mean how unfair is this that I still don’t know what I’m going to do with my life? The way shit is going I am going to be retired before I’ve even come up with a plan. I have spent, perhaps, more time reacting to life, than planning anything for it. That may or may not be much different than other people’s experiences.

I am writing a bit. A whimsical and hopefully tragic story called Vampires versus Zombies. Super zombies. There are a few humans in there as well, I mean why else would the Vampires be fighting Zombies, if not over food? You can find the beginnings here. I will do my best to keep updating this weekly, as I need to get back to writing. I have to find a plan and so far, of the things I’ve done, writing is the most enjoyable.

I have loads of Shiner stuff still in me. However, I want to finish up TZC6. That said, I don’t want to force it either. That would suck giant dingo balls to force out something I just wasn’t feeling. So there may well be more Shiners before there are more zombies. Or perhaps there will be more fantasy stuff…whatever. I have to write what I feel or it will show, believe me I’ve discarded about a novel’s worth of bullshit on TZC6 already. I sort of wish it were writer’s block, that, at least, would be describable and perhaps give people a sense of what I am dealing with. Is there an ‘every word I write on this novel is shit’ block? That is more like what I see when I re-read what I write. It'll get done though, it will all get done.