A little bit of fantasy

Submitted by Zombieman on Sat, 09/23/2017 - 17:28

I wrote a little on the fantasy story today: A1 - Assualt on Blacktooth Ridge I kind of like wordsmything on it as it is so far out of my 'normal' genre and, well, honestly, it will never pay. The world belongs to Troll Lord Games so it is fan fiction, more or less.  There seems to be a purity in writing something I won't profit from. LOL, or maybe I'm listening too much to my inner Joru?

This morning I woke at 04:45, I don't like doing that either. It was not planned and no one woke me, despite having two under 5's in the house who sleep, at best, restlessly. Nope, it came down to the fact that I fell asleep a quarter to ten last night and that's all the rest I apparently needed.  Still, I know it is going to throw my day off and I anticipate I'll be crashing early tonight unless, I take in another Mystic Science theater 3000 episode, like I normally on Saturday nights. 

Tomorrow is "Tiny Fest", in Colfax, Iowa. Well, technically it has been going on since yesterday, but I'm only going the one day to poke around inside a few builds and ponder if I could live in 300 sf or so. I don't need much space anymore, other than for my tools, so a tiny home and a huge garage/workshop, that's what I need. Of course there has to be money for this pipe dream and that doesn't seem to be in the cards these days, perhaps in the future? I'll meet you there, my friends...

Oh and randomasker, I finally approved your account too. About time, eh?