Covers and TZC6

Submitted by Zombieman on Sat, 09/30/2017 - 16:37

I think I have finally got a handle on how I want TZC6 to go. For your reading pleasure, I've posted chapter 1 now here: TZC6:Unnamed Chapter 1 

I also commissioned two covers this week, neither for TZC6, though that will be the next cover after those two. So which covers? One for "Laredo", the scifi space opera I am writing and one for "Shine On" book two of the shiners series. These are being done by an artist who works for a company I have run into at my annual pilgrimage to Gary Con in WI and I am looking forward to the results.  Having the covers, I am hoping, will encourage me to get these books done.  "Laredo" is well in hand, "Shine On" is only bare bones, but well mapped out (and lived through, over and over again, that reminds me that I need to get the Shiners Wiki up and running too.) I expect to have Laredo out the first of December, what comes next I am not sure. I intend to put TZC6 out in dribs and drabs, posting as I go, but I do not have an 'end date' in mind for it. Nor do I have one for Shine On. Really I shall work on the books as I get 'in the mood', with four (yes four, including the fantasy stuff) things in progress it is not like I do not have plenty of choices. 

October is going to be swallowed up putting down a hardwood floor in my house, anyone in central Iowa who wants to drop by on the weeks and help out, feel free. I expect to do some writing even with that going on and I will participate in National Writer's month again this November too. Good times are coming, just down the road. :-)