Fightin' the unwinnable fight

Submitted by Zombieman on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 21:20

Well the past couple of weeks has seen the traffic to ctales grow tremendously! All from Russia, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine, mostly. I'm sure it was all bots and though I've done my best they make use up all my available memory again at some point in the future.  It is pretty much a denial of service attack if they are continuously trying to create accounts or log into non-existent accounts. Following the advice of my servers tech support I’ve locked a few things down…but it’s a low budget hosting plan and things could go tits up again without too much effort. That said maybe I’ll stay ahead of the bots for a few months? One continues to hope.


Other than the constant fight to configure ctales the last few weeks have been uneventful. I bought a new van, yay? I needed something to haul stuff (not bodies, just to be clear) and my hybrid was simply not up to the task. This will help me clear junk out of the house more efficiently and buy material for the ever-ongoing home renovations. It is quite the downgrade in terms of trim for me and I must ask, how do you people without push button, keyless entry LIVE? Now, I am forced to use a KEY to get into my vehicle! Oh, the horror! I should never have bought a fully loaded car, now I have seen what comforts are available and will never be content with lessor luxury. It’s like riding in first class in a plane, you ever ride first class? By all means do it if you can, just be prepared for sadness every time you fly coach ever after. To make my new van complete I need to find a ‘Tomb of Horrors’ demon head sticker to put on the back door, a la ‘Ready Player One’, though we all know that it really stems from a different era and not the movie in my case. Age, it's what kills ya, if nothing else does.