Submitted by Zombieman on Sat, 05/05/2018 - 20:42

I bought a van. Well, traded my hybrid in on it, along with mucho-promises of dinero in the form of 69 months of payments for it. I’ve had it a few days and it…works. Not a mini-van, per se. A mini-cargo van, a Nissan NV200. It is soooo rustic in trim compared to my loaded C-MAX that I have an urge to ugly-cry when I remember I must use a KEY to unlock the door or start the engine. And it’s a 2017, so yeah, one year shy of the mandatory rear view cameras, shoulda bought this year’s model I guess. Still, it only had 400 miles on it, so yay! Since my Ford Ranger crapped the bed last year I’ve been pining away for a cargo vehicle. A pickup is more versatile, but have you priced pickups lately? And the models they have out? Hell, finding one with just a single bench seat was annoying difficult. I didn’t want a sedan with a short bed bolted onto the back of it. There are models available, Tacoma, for instance and, of course the new Ranger is coming out next year…but the cost! Good lord, I could buy a tiny house for price of a modest ability pickup. Not that the van was much cheaper, but it was cheaper and is more fuel efficient. Now I need to source a large demon-head sticker (a la ‘Ready Player One’) to put on it.

I have about sorted it out for carrying all my usual stuff too. The passenger seat folds down into a table and my laptop fits right on top of it nicely. The bail out bag is lost in all the space and I put my usual tools and flashlights and cleaning stuff into a pirate chest that I noticed sitting in my garage. (Alas, it held no doubloons.) Overall the entire thing is more organized than my hot mess of a car ever way. I’ll see how well that look is maintained.

Writing? I am today, haunting a coffee shop and thinking shallow thoughts. Mostly I’m thinking about grilling, drinking and smoking a fine cigar…and maybe a little about the water heater I’m replacing at home. Ugh, yeah, gotta get home now to get that project done before grilling time.

Monday night I go to see, “The Dead South”, I can hardly believe they are playing locally!

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