Work and more work.

Submitted by Zombieman on Sat, 07/14/2018 - 17:43

Times like these are difficult for me to go through. I am super busy lately, aren’t we all? I’m trying to get my house ‘finished’. Anyone who has built their own house probably has an idea of what I am saying, it just never really feels ‘done’, does it? I made a master ‘To Do’ list about a year ago and have been knocking things off of it. Okay, so it’s a tiered ‘to do’ list, with an ‘A’, or 'priority list' and a ‘B’, ‘would be nice’ list. Of all the things on the ‘A’ list I have just two more: Finish the front deck and install the new water heater. Two little things and I’m happy to report I should have both of them knocked out by August (THIS year). It will be a relief to have the house ‘done’, as I envisioned it. The ‘B’ list doesn’t bear thinking of, but I noticed that I need a new roof. <grumble> Really the 'B' list is filled with minor projects anyway, things that take a half hour to do, nothing like 'Install hardwood flooring on the main level of the house' or 'put in a deck'. So the 'B' list is visitable once a week without too much of a time suck. 

I am not sure I have it in me to do roofing anymore. I’m older, fatter and lazier than I have ever been before. My problem is the last guys I hired out to do the roofing sucked and fucked it up, resulting in a half-dozen leaks, tons of drywall damage and subsequent repair and me going up and fixing their mistakes after calling them back four times to fix it themselves. So, I am leery of hiring it out again. It would probably take me a month of weekends to get it done, but I’ll think about it in August and pull the trigger on the job in September, if I decide to do it myself.

Otherwise I am gearing up to start writing again with all the free time. August will be good for me, I am planning absolutely no house related projects next month and anticipating I will start hitting the coffee shops after work and getting some major word smything accomplished.  Godspeed, right?