Not quite dead yet

Submitted by Zombieman on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 15:39

I am still kicking, reading a lot, writing a little, mostly on 'Shine On'. 

Summer is done, so it seems and I managed to get a quick trip out to Colorado to remind myself that some places really ARE nicer to live. :-P I am probably priced out of Colorado at this point, Iowa dollars don't translate well into those of the western states. Now if I wanted to move to Arkansas...I'd live like a king! But I don't, no offense to Arkansas, but the humidity is bad enough in Iowa and I'm about as far south and at as low of an elevation as I care to be, unless there is an ocean nearby and who can afford that?

The fall is a good time for writing and I have a lot on my mind, so some books may get finished, finally! As for cover art, that's another story. 

I've had no gaming lately either, which is a shame. No role playing games, no board games, very few 'big' computer games. As for phone apps, I am still sucked into those several times a day when I need a break. 

Work is still busy, I've been home late and working the odd weekend or two the last few months. Silly really, but if I were a better programmer I wouldn't be stuck trying to figure every little thing out. 

The 'new' van has been a wonderful addition to my life, I simply love it and this week it is gone, way out in PA for a black powder rendezvous with my wife and daughter. I am stuck with a Forester, which isn't that bad either. I mean all I am really hauling is myself and a laptop around, so my needs are modest in the cargo department these days.

I hit the Counting Crows concert in Council Bluffs a few weeks ago, as one must. A very good show and they played positively every song off my 'favorites' list. I popped for a 'pit' ticket, which came with access to a semi-private bar and an indoor bathroom (it was at an outdoor venue.) Definitely a 'will buy a pit ticket again' sort of thing.  It was painful driving there though, as it's two hours along the way to Colorado and if I am being brutally honest, I was sore tempted to just drive west from Omaha at the end of the night. Ever get that way? Longing for something you know would be both good for you, yet utterly fuck up your life at the same time? I am getting more and more drawn to the 'burn it all' thoughts, still not acting on them though, which may be a good thing. Probably a delayed midlife crisis. ;-)