Back to the holidays

Submitted by Zombieman on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 01:22

Whoa, seems like I lost a month of my life there, so much going on! Most of it was writing related.

First up I have added a whopping 31,000+ words in the form of 5 chapters to Shiners. They start here with chapter 16. Enjoy!

November is, of course, National Novel Writer's month and that went well. Okay, not so well if you were hoping for more zombie material, but well from a personal point of view as I cleared the pipes of another little nagging muse that has been on me to write another novel. Yeah, yeah, I need to actually finish something these days, like TZC:6 would be the ideal candidate, right?  I hear you and I vow to finish that one in 2019. I've got Shine On well along too, over 60 thousand words and the new novel sits at 50+ thousand thanks to Nanowrimo's self-imposed deadline. Add in some words on The Lost City of Brass and there are close to two hundred thousand words out there waiting to be finished.  I think I have grown too complacent with my writing life and it's gone back to being 'something I do once in a while', which is not what I wanted. 2019 should fix that. Here's hoping, right?

In addition to writing I've been visiting the range a bit more and spending my 'disposable' income on firearms and ammunition. I am a big supporter of the Constitution, love the way it was written -- those ancestors of America were pretty smart. That said, I also favor amending the constitution, especially the 2nd amendment.  Amendments have been amended before, so it can be done. If it is I'll dutifully follow the new law as something needs to change. However, I do not think anything will change with the 2nd amendment anytime soon. I am a purist really, I don't see anywhere in the amendment where they say we can't have machineguns and I think it's pretty ridiculous that the feds got away with banning civilian ownership of such guns, likewise cannons and anti-tank rifles. I mean, sure, we don’t get grenades, which are clearly not firearms, but grenade launchers? Yeah, shouldn’t be prohibited.

I think gun control advocates should follow the damn law to get their agenda pushed forward. Once automatic assault rifles and 120mm howitzers are on the streets the people will probably push forward an amendment quickly. These half measures and efforts to ban ‘magazine capacity’ are, frankly, illegal. Do they make sense? That doesn’t matter, it’s written that the rights shall not be infringed and limiting gun ownership of any kind of gun is ‘infringing’ in my mind.  Will the half measures save lives? Again, that doesn’t matter. We’re a nation of law, not one of twisting the law to our own ends or subverting it with executive orders. (Who thought it was a good idea to give Presidents that power?)

I suppose you could argue that I’m not in a militia, but that’s easy enough with social media these days isn’t it? Let’s form a militia! Three likes. Done. Then we’d devolve into an argument over what the definition of a ‘well-regulated militia’ is. Can I be in my own Militia? I say I can. The requirements for my militia are getting trained on firearms and visiting the range more than once a year. Oh, and we have mandatory meetings in coffee shops too, just to touch base. Maybe a dog ownership rule? I’ll bring it up with the Council of Elders and we’ll put that to a careful vote. I mean, my militia is going to be well regulated, not some pansy-fansy half-assed one.

So there you have it, I’m a pro-gun control, gun owner. The best of both worlds, I get to agree with gun control advocates and still get to punch holes in paper until the amended amendment is the law of the land.