So much going the background

Submitted by Zombieman on Mon, 06/03/2019 - 03:03

I've pretty much pulled out of social media and stayed offline these past few months. I plan to stay off of social media for, oh, ever? I spent too much time there and it was a distraction I feel I can no longer afford. Yeah, I Marie Kondo-ed that shit, as it was no longer bringing me joy. There is a lot going on for me right now, unfortunately dear reader (or maybe, 'fortunately'?), I'm not one to air my personal stuff out in the yard, so to speak, and I will not be elaborating. Health wise I'm fine, I am making progress every day as I get some of my life back. I am certain I will get to a point where I'm writing again before the year is out, but for now I am just keeping up with the changes that life is handing me. Those are plenty and enough to occupy the time of any two people.

At present I am fixing up my house, it needs to be sold and it needs a lot of fixing before that can happen. It has been a while since I tacked on shingles and it is slow going, getting that done. F-ing shingles weight so gawdamned much! And I remember lugging those bundles up a ladder once all day long when I was I'm utilizing a pulley lift of my own making and, frankly, it sucks. The worst two 'suicide drops' of the roof are done, at least, and I just have to keep on trucking to get the rest of this shit job finished and get on to the next one. 

When things change you can expect to see me post more regularly again here. Take care of yourself and those you love! 


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