Day 68

Submitted by Zombieman on Fri, 06/05/2020 - 12:54

As spring turns to summer it has shown that my people are not capable of staying indoors and away from each other, I know, I know, procreation is necessary to further the species, but which will win? Reproduction or death from exposure to the plague? Add to this the fact that the ever present, simmering racism has boiled over yet again and the political clime has aggravated what should have been a time of mourning into a time of rioting and ooh-doggie have we got a 'summer of love' starting!

So now, on top of scarcity, we have curfews. Not only can I not get the toilet paper, now I can no longer get into a store and buy the non-existent toilet paper. Truth be told though the TP supplies are strong once again. I won't go and try to buy bleach or some other cleaning supplies just yet, but my ass is clean. Politics, as the saying goes, will get you killed. This seems to be bearing fruit as the plutocratic leaders have turned this situation into one about 'freedom' instead of one about 'health';  what they really mean is it is all about money. I say, if you're closer to 80 than 50 and are more concerned about money than life, then there is something wrong. Walk your own path though, to each their own. 

I find myself heading to the store less and less lately, the thin and crispy tortilla chip supply has been renewed, praise Tostitos! The workers on their production lines really are doing God's work, aren't they? I remember back when this all started, I was eating so much better than I normally did, salads, fruits, vegetables, solid meats. Now it's like, pass me the chips and a bowl of mac and cheese! I'm not sure when that changed -- somewhere along the line I grew complacent and accepted this as the new normal and my diet slipped, right along with my lack of exercise. I am no marathon runner, as far as a zombie apocalypse goes I know exactly where I stand; Day 1 Victim. Probably I'll be tackled from behind by a zed while I am looking in my fridge for something to eat.  I take great comfort in this and it saves me a lot of hassle as I don't feel any pressure to stock up on supplies.

Anyway, the downside of no exercise for me is fucking high blood pressure. I used to go to the gym. I used to get out and walk a couple miles each day...and now? "Nah, bro, I'm just gonna play 6 hours of D&D with my buddies on Google Meet each night." Mildly better than 6 hours of television, but no better for my physical health, eh? High BP = insomnia for me. Somewhere along the line I'd forgotten that little factoid too. After a week of 2-3 hours of sleep each night I finally remembered, though it was hard through the brain fog and horrid headaches. Getting old is not for the weak and I'm not going to rate it good on Yelp.  What's a bloke to do? I shook off the brain fog long enough to do some walking and then ordered a heart monitor, which came after only a week and was probably not contaminated. Now I'm beginning to get out raise my heart rate to higher level a few times a week, hopefully the sweet nirvana of no headaches will find me soon and a decent nights sleep will follow.  

Stay healthy, avoid the riots and when the big 'A' starts make sure your door is locked before searching your refrigerator for snacks.