Reset III

Submitted by Zombieman on Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:55

“Please!!!” Gunshot. Reset.

“Don’t!” Gunshot. Reset.

“Why?” Gunshot. Reset.

Turn away with hands raised.

“Turn around!”

“No. Shoot me in the back.”

“Fuckin’ everyone’s wise guy.” A rough hand grabbed Reset’s shoulder and pulled him around. Gunshot. Pause. Second gunshot. Reset.

Reset smiled, Well, he had to shoot me twice at least.

Same thing, only this time Reset spun around and knocked the gun out of the guy’s hand, surprising him. The man’s second punch knocked Reset out, the man was strong, beyond human normal for sure, but Reset already knew he was a shiner. Reset.

Turn around, hands up.

“Turn around!”

Reset went to his knees.

“Shoot me execution style. Do it.”

Sharp pain to the head. Reset woke in a hospital, the people were speaking a language he didn’t know. He allowed this future alternative to play out until an English translator arrived. He was in Hong Kong, the police wanted to talk to him. Reset.

Same future, Reset went to his knees.

“I came here to help you.” Reset said.


“I am on your side.”

“Not from this end of the gun, mister.”

“I don’t have a gun; I don’t have any weapons at all.” Reset told him.

“They a fat lot of help you’ll be.”

“I have other ways to help you. I can get you out of here.”

“Look you just show up, in my way, and expect me to believe you?”

“I had to intercept you, before you keep going. If you keep going straight, you are going to be caught.”

“Sure. But you can’t expect me to trust you when I just met you and out of the blue like this.”

“You need to.” Reset said.

“Who sent you?”

“You did.”

“Who the fuck sent you?”

“It’s complicated. Can you just trust me for three minutes? That’s all I need, just three minutes.”

“What happens if I don’t?”

“For me, nothing. For you, very bad things.” Reset said.

“You don’t know me, you don’t know what I am capable of.”

“I know all about you.”

“No more time for games.” A sharp pain in the back of the head. Reset waited for a moment, but he recognized death when he ran into it. The guy had pistol whipped him, probably crushed his skull, and the blow had killed him. Reset.

“You don’t know me, you don’t know what I am capable of.”

“That’s true, maybe you’ll get away. Just three minutes...please.”

“Who do you work for?”


Gunshot. Reset.

So, he doesn’t like Andro? Reset played through the future several times, mentioning Andro earlier in the conversation, every time the result was decisive and deadly. Interesting, I don’t care for the beast myself. Can I play on that? Reset moved to the future before he said who he worked for several times, claiming various intelligent agencies, mobsters, even backwater militaries. The only options which didn’t get him immediately killed were when he claimed to work for the Vatican and when he claimed to work for the United States Federal Government. He was still killed, as down both of those future paths his target continued asking pointed, but knowing questions that ultimately led to Reset’s demise.


“I work alone. I have been trying very hard to meet you and this was the best chance I had. I really can help and I don’t work for Andro, the mafia or any government, I’m a shiner, like you and I…I need you, maybe more than you need me.”

Under his breath the man muttered, “I can sure fucking find them.” Louder he said, “Mister, I don’t know if I believe you, but you’ve bought yourself three minutes. Get up, lead the way.”

In the present, Reset smiled. I can get in, I got my three minutes. Now I just have to get him out of whatever he is into in that amount of time. Escaping was not always something Reset was good at. When he was younger he hadn’t future-lived very diligently and had ended up in more difficult circumstances. As Reset aged he became far more cautious and planned out his future more meticulously. Now he avoided being chased for the simple reason that he never put himself in a position where he would be chased. This man, whose name he didn’t even know yet, was important to Reset’s life. Vitally important. Massive things were going to happen in a very short time and all his futures ended, except those where this man was in his life. Everything either ended before this meeting or with him helping the guy in a fedora with a gun. To be honest, Reset couldn’t see past this future encounter either, everything might end here or in an alternative future after meeting this guy. When he had time, Reset was going to explore the path where he woke up in a Hong Kong hospital, maybe it led somewhere productive. Right now, he had work to do.

The meeting with Mr. Fedora took place overseas, in Japan. Reset didn’t have a passport. Worse he didn’t have any identification with which to get a pass port. He could get to Japan without one, he could work his futures well enough to get into any country without a problem. A legitimate passport would make things easier and he had time. His meeting was more than six months away. A passport would only take a matter of weeks, first he needed a birth certificate and a real state identification card.

He rolled out of bed, scanning the conversations he was going to have with the two girls in the living room as he did so. When he was dressed and in the kitchen he said, “Good morning, ladies! Shall we have breakfast?” He knew they would groan, they did.

“Let me sleep.” The woman he was sure was named Jan moaned.

The other girl…Tammy? Reset quickly future tried it and the results were positive, her name was Tammy, she just mumbled something incoherent and pushed her face back into the couch cushions.

Reset went to the refrigerator and made a cursory glance inside. “No eggs!” He said in dismay, looking at an almost full carton on the self there. “Girls, I cannot contemplate starting my day without eggs. I’m going to run to the store and get some, do you want to go with me or wait here?”

Their moans were of the ‘Wait here’ variety and Reset quietly agreed to run the errand on his own, kissing each of them on their heads and stroking their hair one last time before he walked out the front door toward his pickup truck. Technically it was not his truck. Reset owned surprisingly little, but he knew he could drive it another five weeks before its legality would get him into trouble. Being able to scan the future met he knew how to avoid tickets and getting pulled over, it was like he was a ghost sometimes, with people just missing seeing him as he strode purposely through life.

Without another thought he got into the truck and set off to the west, he would not be returning to the cabin. The girls would not be getting a homemade meal after their night of lust, but Reset would stop by a diner he future saw along highway 90 for a delicious breakfast that included homemade biscuits and gravy.