Writing again

Submitted by Zombieman on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 01:30

Or rather typing again, finally. I could go on and on about the trials and distractions of my life, but we all have them and, somehow, we overcome the difficulties and keep making steps into the next day. In a nutshell, I am now on my own and I have moved to Colorado. Is this what I want? Define 'want'. Yeah, we all have difficulties and have to figure out how to keep making that step into the next day.


Submitted by Zombieman on Sat, 02/17/2018 - 16:39

I’ve been finding it hard to find time to write lately. When I have ‘free’ time it seems to turn into ‘me’ time. It feels like I get to the end of a day and have wasted another few hours of potential. It’s not just that either, there are so many good distractions and right now I am in need of distracting. At the end of the day I make choices and some days, weeks and months those choices are not the ones that lead me to happiness.

I'm off chasing fairies

Submitted by Zombieman on Tue, 03/21/2017 - 14:45

Yeah, I know, it’s that boring time of year where you read about how I am off at game conventions geeking out. Gary Con is this weekend, a homage to a guy, like it or not, that had a huge impact on my life, probably more than any other man aside from my father and grandfather. The funny thing is his product and ideas were more like a ‘fire and forget’ missile than a mentoring, caring relationship, but sometimes the smallest things can have a great, unforeseen impact.